Student Procrastination

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Autumn Smith
Mrs. Ryals
English Comp 1
9 Nov. 2017
Student Procrastination Is procrastination a student’s worst enemy? Statistics show that about eighty to ninety percent of college students procrastinate, and this causes problems when it comes to their line of study or coursework. Student procrastination can negatively impact their lives by causing stress, unhappiness, and a lazy work ethic; though, there can be solutions to this problem. Procrastination is a well-known habit of a majority of students. This mindset, whether intentional or unintentional, occurs when it comes to accomplishing classwork, projects, or even basic life tasks. Putting these tasks aside to do later will eventually become become problematic. A good
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Since the student is putting off the completion of their assignment, but knows it is coming up, it causes him or her to stress about it. Most students also may put off the assignment until the last minute, not giving them enough time to prepare or gather information for the assignment. Another way procrastination has a negative effect on students is how it affects their happiness. After postponing the start of their assignment, the student starts becoming regretful and feels guilty for putting off the work. When students continue the habit of procrastinating their work, they become lazy in other areas of their lies. By doing things last minute, a person develops the habit of doing other tasks last minute, giving him or her more time to just loiter around. Although there are many problems that can result from procrastinating, there are some solutions to keep from doing so. One thing that would benefit students who struggle with procrastination would be time management. If students learn to develop good time management skills, then they would be able to accomplish a plethora of tasks. They wouldn’t have to deal with the stress of wondering if it will be completed or not. Also, developing time-management skills could help benefits students in other areas of their lives. Another solution that would greatly benefit students in helping with the problem
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