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Student Profile Paper
College? I don't know why I am attending college at this point of my life, currently as I write this paper my Summer Break just started, as I scarcely finished my Sophomore year at Anderson High School. I guess, I could say, the reason is that my Mom compelled me to take this college class. However, I would be lying to myself, because I could've simply impeded my registration for my first college class. The true reason for me taking this course is to find the answer, I have always been the type of student to have the mindset that says, “ I will go to College.” Despite not really knowing why I wanted to go there, other than to get the education that our pessimistic society demands is crucial to be successful in life. So when I say that, I mean it in the sense that I want to know why is it that I see myself at College in every alternative future I imagine.
“Better sooner than later,” this worldwide known quote also summarizes the other part of the reason why I am spending the first half of my summer at Austin Community College. I felt like taking college courses at Fifteen years
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However, nowadays I feel like the roller coaster has just gone straight, because for the past two years I’ve had this urge that I should never give up on my education and that it will ultimately determine the person I would then become. Lately I have been feeling more confident and more motivated to continuing my studies and achieving ally my goals I’ve set for myself. IN my life I’ve set many different goals, smaller of course, and I definitely not follow through all those goals, but I can’t think of not succeeding when it comes to this. It is simply something want too much. So really, I owe this educational journey my life, if everything goes as smooth as I hope it
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