Student Protest Against Raising University Tuition Fees

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Introduction Roxanne Dubois, chairperson of the Canadian Federation of Students refers to the 2012 student protest against raising university tuition fees as a fight to protect one of the most successful systems of post-secondary education in the country. Historically, Quebec has always had a different structure of post-secondary education, a system which encourages accessibility. From a diversity and inclusiveness stand point it is important to ensure that tuition rates are frozen, or ideally diminished, and that the Quebec system rejects the neo-liberal system present in the rest of Canada, and the United States. Education must be considered a public good, not a consumer product. This structure has seen success in countries like Germany, and therefore can work in Quebec. The proposal of a 75 percent increase in post-secondary tuition fees that was presented by the Liberal government and Premier Jean Charest brought together one of the largest protest in Quebec history. The increase is to be distributed over five years at $325 per year starting in the 2012-13 academic year. This is seen as troubling because Quebec has historically prided itself on its accessibility to the post-secondary education system that took many years of challenge to obtain. It is seen as undermining Quebec 's commitment to keeping university education accessible to people of all incomes. History of Quebec’s Education System Historically, the French Catholic system of higher education was

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