Student Record System

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Education had been industrialized for the past centuries. From teaching and learning under a tree to developing the minds and skills of students through effective, efficient and modern way.

Educational Institutions nowadays are focusing their mission and vision in the quality of education. To do this, they are equipped with numbers of professionals who will be the best asset in the course of education, the Faculty. Facilities also play a big part in good education environment. Administration is last but not the least to complete the essential parts of an Educational Institution. Administering the whole institution is a big responsibility. There should be a
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Specifically, the study sought to answer the following questions:

1. What operational problems that are connected to Manual Recording System that will be resolved if Student Records System will be implemented? 2. What application software or computer language is needed for the effective operation of proposed project? 3. What are the socio-economic benefits that can be derived from this study that may be contributed to the community? 4. What are the expected problems that may arise during the operation of the system and what possible solutions the researchers can be done?

1.3: Scope and Delimitations

The scope of this study is within the province of Nueva Ecija. The project will cover all the technicalities regarding the said system, from the database up to the application and installation of the system. This system will established features such as General Information, Course or Field of Study, and Academic and non-academic achievements. General Information of a student corresponds to his/her primary information such as complete name, address, parents, brothers, sisters, contact persons, identification number and others. A record regarding a student’s Course or Field of Study is another feature of this study. It is a record of a student’s course, major if any and attendance tracking. The third
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