Student Referencing: Scholarly Sources

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Referencing is an important part of academic writing it demonstrates that credible articles are being used and it also assists the student in avoiding plagiarism. This case study will critique the reference list of a student’s assessment showing how one of the reference used is from a scholarly source while also demonstrating how another article is from a non-scholarly source. This will be done by using evidence to support these choices this includes methods such as explaining primary and secondary research articles, taking note of the currency, assessing whether the author is from a reputable background in regards to qualifications and their area of expertise and checking whether the author or article has a bias or agenda. While making sure…show more content…
When appraising a scholarly source is it important to note whether it is a primary or a secondary source while this article is a secondary source as it is an article from a journal which describes prior research (Kostoff, 2007) it has many redeeming features. There are many other factors that also improve the validity of the source. The reference has very good currency as it has sources that are from 2016 and is updated regularly. Another factor that increases the validity of the reference is it comes from The British journal of nursing, the British journal of nursing is peer reviewed fortnightly which means that the writing has been subject to other professionals in the field before publishing (Shatz, 2004). The reference also has an editorial board so there is a good form of quality control, also in addition to this it has clearly identifiable authors in this case Owen Doody and Maria Noonan who are both lecturers from the University of Limerick in Ireland both with experience in nursing and midwifery. In addition to this both authors are at an Australian qualification framework (AQF) level of 10 which means they both have doctoral degrees and have undergone 3-4 years in their field of study and have some type of specialized knowledge of the nursing field (). Another feature that makes this…show more content…
When checking the validity of the literature making sure there is an author without a bias or an agenda is important in addition to making sure they have credible qualifications in the field they are writing about. In addition to this if it is important to note how to correctly reference the aforementioned literature to avoid plagiarism and to make sure the original author of the piece is correctly

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