Student Registration System

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This chapter reviews the relevant research made on online student registration used by different universities. It includes important aspects in online registration like online registration system, online registration course and others. This chapter contains collective ideas and views of different authors.
Online Student Registration System
An online student registration system streamlines the application, registration, and monitoring of students in a school or training institute.
Why Use Online Registration?
According to Morris Wall (1990) : Online registration systems are websites that allow users to sign up for memberships, events and training by completing a form. Online registration systems are replacing manual processes,
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While the growing trend is to take all aspects of event management online with event registration software, many event organizers are still wary that that their participants will be scared away at the thought of submitting their data online. Here are some advantages to going with online registration that may put your mind at ease...
1. Quick and easy registration for the participant. Paper registration requires the entrant to download the form and print it or pick up a copy from the event office, fill it out, write a cheque, and then either pay postage to mail it back or get in their car to drop it off.
2. Automatic confirmation emails. The average turn-a-round time from the day a paper entry form is received to when the entrant gets a confirmation of registration can take days or even weeks. Events accepting paper registration forms may spend a good portion of their work day answering phone calls and emails from registrants curious to hear if their cheque and information has been received. Most online registration software will automatically send a follow-up email to the participant notifying them that their payment has been received and space reserved in the event.
3. Online data submission is secure. Having said this, there are always exceptions and I would strongly suggest that when you shop around for an
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