Student Revolt Of The Modern West

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Jaffar alobaid 3/16/2015 ENGL 1012 DR. Linda Jordan Student Revolts in France For the modern West, 1968 became somewhat a point of countdown, the roots of many modern developments and trends were born at that time. The rebellious fire toured around the world in 1968. However, at some places smoldering had taken place long time ago, but one began to swell, somewhere this fire is put out, but one poured oil in the fire. All those events did not lead the world to global fire because the World War 2 was still too fresh in the memories, flashing scary pictures in people’s minds. Moreover, the Cuban missile crisis has happened recently. New rockets were waiting in the mines. Young people still believed in world revolution. Fighters for…show more content…
A youth movement was immediately established, which was boycotting exams and achieved self-government in the universities. This movement was also established in favor of freedom from a repressive society, its outdated rules of bourgeois morality. Rebels, inspired by the anarchist ideas of Debord and surrealist dream of total revolt against all the fathers and ideas those have created, were headed by 22-year-old student of social sciences, Daniel Cohn-Bendit (Eagles, 2014; Velmet, 2010). At that time he was passionate about the task of creating a society free from every kind of dictate - both economic (market) and political (party system) - and learns from the future theorist of horizontal network communications, Manuel Castells (Hubbard & Kitchin, 2010). The authorities closed the university. However, a significant part of the population was frightened of scale the incident had. In the wake of a rollback to earlier sentiments rebellion Gaullists in late June triumphantly won the parliamentary elections. Yet, the political fate of de Gaulle was resolved: after the failed attempt to reorganize the upper house of parliament for greater interests’ representation of various social groups and movements from employers to trade unions it in April 1969, he voluntarily resigns and a half years died of
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