Student Satisfaction With The School Of Public Service At Depaul University ( Sps )

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Introduction The topic chosen to analyze in this needs assessment is student satisfaction with the School of Public Service at DePaul University (SPS). The needs assessment will consist of eight main sections; defining the problem, determining users and uses, identifying the target population, describing the service environment, discerning and assessing the needs of the organization respectively, communicating the findings, and implementing a pilot program.
Defining the problem The problems identified from this needs analysis derived from the examination of the Spring 2015 Student Survey and identifying the service environment of the School of Public Service. Ninety-two respondents responded to the survey and four of those respondents failed to complete the survey.The problem the School of Public Service we are examining is lack of student satisfaction in SPS. Student satisfaction will be define through the extent students are willing to recommend SPS to prospective students, create relationships with Faculty Mentors, and use resources from Depaul University for guidance on employment. Student’s satisfaction with the program comes hand in hand with how likely students are to recommend SPS to future students. Twenty-nine noted they would strongly recommend the program, thirty two mentioned they would recommend the program, twenty-four students said they would recommend the program, with some reservations, three students would not recommend the program (Einolf,…
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