Student Scenario #1

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Student Scenario #1 Identify the student’s strength. Jenny is very good at whole word discrimination. She did not miss a single one and understood the sounds that the words made. She knew grip-grip was the same word and slip slit were not even though they were close in sound. Rhyming is also a strength for her. I think that rhyming is one of the easiest applications for children. I believe it is also the most fun for them. Syllable counting is also an easy concept for her; she didn’t miss a single one. She even got that hippopotamus had 5 syllables; that’s a big word. She also was correct that elephant had 3, which can easily be mistaken as 2 syllables. Jenny was excellent at syllable segmentation, which reflects her knowledge of syllable counting. If she knows how many syllables there are it is easily determined where the words break into syllables. She got everyone correct even the one that I would see as the trickiest: umbrella (um-bre-lla). I would have thought she would have said um-brella. Blending speech sounds was also an easy activity for her. You say the word normal and she is to say it slow. This is a build on syllable segmentation. You have demonstrated the slow breaking of the syllables and now she is to break up the word by individual letters and sounds. She is good in the first sounds of phoneme isolation. She knows that sun starts with “s” and red starts with “r”. Identify the student’s area of need. She needs help with phoneme identification when it comes
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