Student Stereotypes Research Paper

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How A Stereotype Affects Student’s
What’s a stereotype? A stereotype type is a person who oversimplifies an image or idea of a person or thing. Throughout my essay I’ll explain that stereotypes have a major impact on students in their behavior. So now that you know what a stereotype is let’s talk about them. Through my research and interview i did on Rancho Mirage High School students the top 3 stereotypes would be mexicans, whites, and people who wear glasses. Teenagers at Rancho Mirage High School are being stereotyped by their appearance, race, and gender. In my essay i'll be describing how this affects students in their behavior.
Stereotypes Can affect affect people’s emotions. A stereotype example would be that all mexicans play soccer and all mexicans are gangsters. This could be true but not all mexicans enjoy soccer. For myself I’m mexican and I don't really enjoy soccer that much. My parents aren’t gangster instead their hard workers.
My main idea i want to discuss with the readers are that stereotypes are affecting student and their behavior. If people from a different race are being made fun of, how does that make them feel? I asked a couple of student and these are the results i came up with. The first student i asked her was “If someone stereotyped you, how will that make you feel?”, she replied with “It wouldn’t make me feel very great
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After i interviewed students i asked them is their way we can end it? And if so how? These are the results that i came up with. The first solution is to tell an adult or discuss it with a person. The worst thing you could ever do if you see a stereotyping situation is to stay silent and not say anything. A solution is to speak up. A good time to speak up is when you see other people being stereotyped. Another way to deal with stereotypes is to stay positive. Never let stereotypes get to
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