Student Success Paper

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My Success Strategy Plan

Success Strategy Plan Step 1: Student Success Strategies
1. What three success strategies (from the Student Success Strategies Guide) will you plan on using throughout your degree program to help you be a successful student? My 1st strategies is to schedule times to study and do assignments , The 2nd to attend all the live chat sessions and 3rd to log into the Virtual Campus at least twice a day.

2. Why will these strategies be most beneficial to you? Doing these steps will insure me that I have completed all assignment on time and of upcoming assignments. I will also be turning in my assignment on the due date and not after.

3. How have you changed your routine throughout this course to integrate
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I will need to put in motion all these steps and tools to successfully meet the goals I have set for myself. Id I stick to this personal rubric I have made for myself I should be able to go thru my classes with no problem

Step 3: Career Planning & Management

1. Based on what you learned in your instructor’s Live Chat and what you know about yourself, would you consider yourself a career changer or someone who is working to advance in their field? Why? Based on professor Jan’s live chats and what I know about myself I would consider myself someone who is working to advance in my career field because I have always been a people person and feel that I would do very well in a any type of business field. Going to earning this degree will help make sure that happens

2. How would you describe the positive and negative aspects of your current career or situation? The positive aspects of my current career situation would be that pay, I work at a warehouse doing general labor so this is something that I’m doing just to pay the bill. The negative aspects of the job are the physical stress and mental stress working in a warehouse put on me. The hours are very long and the work isn’t easy

3. What are your immediate and post-graduation career goals? My post graduation career goal is to start a career or even a job with my degree. I would love to work at an actual business with an office setting or a firm of some sort; no more manual labor. An
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