Student Teaching Experience: My Experience As A Teacher

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My first experience as a teacher was very exciting and a bit challenging. I spent four weeks in a child protection agency, observing, teaching lessons, and working small group of pupils. This has given me a valuable insight into a many important issues related to teaching. I have learned a lot about myself. The student teaching experience allowed me to put everything that I have learned about education into action. During my student teaching, my supervisor guided me along and helped me the kind of teacher that I want to be.
The most important thing I learned during student teaching is to be confident. In my first teaching session I was a little shy with my students, even while presenting them information. After my first teaching session, I was more comfortable in front of my students. Once I improved my confidence in the class, I had more comfortable with teaching, and my students had more fun and comfortable as well. Respect for myself and my students ties into this as well, and is closely related to the relationships with my students. I learned that one of the most important thing is confident in terms of maintaining relationships with my students, which does help to better
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During student teaching experience, I wanted to find ways to improve my teaching skills. I have never been afraid of taking negative feedback and I was not bothered. When my cooperating teacher observed me in action, he noticed things that I had not noticed before. Such as pronunciation mistakes or standing in one place a long time. Cooperating teacher pointed out these things to me, so I could make the necessary changes to improve. On the other hand, more than just asking for feedback, we need to have a good attitude about the feedback that we received from teachers. I realized that when I eager to learn and willing to hear criticism, I noticed greater improvements in my teaching and increases in my
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