Essay on Student: Woodrow Wilson and Federal Government Jobs

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HISTORY 2020 FIRST TAKE HOME EXAM You may use only class notes, your weekly outlines, and your text book. Nothing will be accepted from the Internet, or any other source. YOU MUST EMPHASIZE CLASS NOTES AND OUTLINES! You may use your book, but your answers will not be correct if you do not provide responses which reflect the class lectures/discussions. YOU MUST DO YOUR OWN WORK! You are not to discuss, or work on the exam, with anyone else. All writing must be your own. YOU WILL NOT SHARE THIS EXAM WITH A FRATERNITY/SORORITY OR ANY OTHER ORGANIZATION OR ENTITY. IF YOU LEARN THAT ANOTHER STUDENT HAS DONE THIS, YOU WILL REPORT THAT STUDENT TO YOUR INSTRUCTOR. I have read the rules listed above, and I have not violated them. I…show more content…
(One points) They thought it would help the economy because they believed that the silver will raise the prices. To what two groups was William Jennings Bryan appealing in his “Cross of Gold” speech? (Two Points) Free Silver and Populists Why was Bryan the first modern Democratic Presidential candidate? (One point) Why was Bryan the first modern presidential candidate? (One Point) First president to travel to meet voters What labor reform laws were originated with the Socialists? (Three points) 40 hr week/ 8 hr/ minimum wage What was the title of Alfred Thayer Mahon’s book? What two things did he say? (Three points) The Influence of Sea Power on History, the greater a country's naval power the greater it's impact on the world For what reasons did the American imperialists want war with Spain? (Five points) U.S supported Cuba in wanting to be independent of Spain, Exaggerated news from Hearst and Pulitzer, Tension from sinking of USS Maine ,to protect American business interest in Cuba What three groups of men served in the Rough Riders? (Three points) Native Americans, ranchers and cowboys, these were volunteers called in by president McKinley to the Spanish-American war Who were the anti-imperialists, and why did they oppose US acquisition of the Philippines? (Eight points) people who were oppose to going into war with Philippines, and anti-imperialists were opposed because Philippians had fought
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