Student for Peace Was Guilty for Actions in New York City Essay

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Your Honor, I rise in favor of NYC, I believe it was constitutional for New York City to arrest Student for Peace. In the “Celebrate Lower East Side Day” in Tompkins Square Park, the festival was meant for the the diversity, creativity, and community in the Lower East Side, but the Student For Peace did the complete opposite. Student for Peace put up graphic photos that were inappropriate for children. When parents complained about the photos to take them down they didn’t obey. The recruiters tried to stop it from being dangerous but it caused more chaos. The Students for Peace were shouting at the recruiters. When the police came they asked them to leave but they refused.The Student for Peace didn’t seem to make peace. So the police…show more content…
Board of Education it was about rights of an individual compared to many. Student for Peace is a small group of people that are just causing a danger in a park. In the United States everyone has a right to the 1st Ammendment. People doesn’t want their rights to be violated because of a small group of people.

It wasn’t the right time or place for the Student for Peace to start a riot. If a person is charged or arrested for doing something it matters what time and where was it done. In Schenck v. United States (1919), Justice Holmes stated, “What someone is constitutionally allowed to do depends upon the time and place in which it is done.” This quote means that if someone is allowed to do something it all depends on what time or place it was done. For example, a person can’t just yell Fire in a crowded movie theater if there isn’t actually a fire. That would’ve caused a lot of chaos that can cause injuries and also death. It all depends on the time and place. This applies to Student for Peace because it was a park and there was a festival. In the park there are supposed to be kids Student for Peace were handing out graphic photos that were inappropriate for kids. Even if kids didn’t take the flyers, in festivals flyers are all over the place like the ground. So, kids can eventually see it. Also, it was a festival to be a community not to fight.

Student for
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