Student 's Perceptions Of Homeless Persons Essay

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Student’s Perceptions of Homeless Persons
Different Ethnic or Racial Heritage

Kevin Knox
Missouri State University
Summer 2015

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Dr. Michelle Day
Dr. Joan McClennen The life experience students in the human services field bring with them may affect their ability to interact with certain populations. These life experiences form the basis of each individual’s perceptions of certain situations, populations, or individuals. These perceptions may be influenced by their political beliefs, religious values, social status, or previous experiences with certain populations (Lee, Jones, & Lewis, 1990).
The National Coalition for the Homeless, (n.d.) found there are over three million people homeless in America at any given time. Research as shown that homeless individuals often are treated differently just because of other people’s perceptions toward them (Boydell, Goering, & Morrell-Bellai, 2000; Harter, Berquist, Titsworth, Novak, & Brokaw, 2005). Persons wanting to work with homeless individuals should be aware of any biases they bring with them when working with this population. Homelessness in a growing problem in America today. Several studies have been performed investigating the perceptions of students toward homeless people (Kane, Green, & Jacobs, 2010; Phillips, 2015; Speak, & Tiple, 2006). Kane, et al. 2010 studied the perceptions of students in the human service field toward people of different age or gender. This study found that…
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