Student 's Strengths And Weaknesses

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On October 23, 2014, Wayne High School sophomores traveled to the campus of Wayne State College in order to take the ASPIRE test. The ASPIRE test shows a student’s strengths and weaknesses in core academic areas. For example, I am strong in the area of English and weaker in Science. Furthermore, the ASPIRE test predicts a student’s likely ACT score. ACT scores are used for a college admission and to award scholarships; my predicted ACT scores shows that I am above average. Indeed, the ACT score indicates college readiness. Sophomores at Wayne High School also completed the Kuder Assessment which is an interest inventory. My results gave me ideas about future careers. From the research that I have done, it is evident that a career…show more content…
Some other titles are door-to-door sales workers, manufactures’ sales workers, and wholesales trade sales workers (Ferguson’s 460). Sales representatives can earn money while still in training (Ferguson’s 463). A person in wholesales will receive an estimate salary of $54,000 a year, and a person in technical sales will collect around a yearly salary of $74,000 (Ferguson’s 463). In 2011 the median pay for a sales representative in a year was $58,000, and an hourly wage stood at about $27.97 (OOH 925). In 2013 the most made was an average of $145,730 and the least was $27,030 annually (Ferguson’s 463). The outlook for a sales representative from 2010 to 2020 is an average growth of sixteen percent (OOH 925). Sales representatives jobs will flourish or decline as the economy shifts, and the strongest growth is at independent agencies (OOH 928). A marketing manager sets prices, researches demand, and satisfies the customer (NDE). The key to a successful manager is to have communication, and keep a company’s identity safe (Edelman 368). A marketing manager will most likely begin as a sales representative and increase their stature (OOH 701). James Brescoll and Ralph M. Dahm writes that once promoted, a marketing manager is responsible for all sales representatives (89), and getting the employees to work at the highest performance possible (69). In 2011 the median pay per year was $101,640 and $48.87 per hour (OOH 701). The top ten percent of managers earned
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