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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Effect of Climatic Change on the Cryosphere Introduction The tale of the human race and our connection to the ecosystem can be viewed as an unfolding adventure shrouded in mysterious occurrences. The impacts of the overall climatic change have signaled danger for a long time, and it is clear that there is a global crisis facing us. One would wonder where we are headed and if the earth will be able to sustain life in the next century. Global warming continues to manifest itself to us every day through rapid changes occurring to the climate system. Some of us still hide from reality and hold on to the notion that climate change is just, but another scientific…show more content…
When carbon dioxide and other toxic gasses are released into the atmosphere, they become too excessive for all the vegetation to absorb. Such conditions lead to the over-accumulation of gasses that form a layer called a greenhouse. The gasses create a greenhouse effect that prevents any heat from escaping the earth (Taylor,881). This means that most of the heat being released from the earth’s center as well as that being absorbed from the sun is retained within the atmosphere. The trapped heat has over time led to the rise in global temperatures which has subsequently had adverse effects on the ecosystem. In essence, the small changes to a temperature that have occurred on a global scale over time can lead to significant and human threatening changes in the global weather patterns. The contemporary warmth has been exhibited by melting ice lands and glaciers as well as increased floods and famines. Driving forces of this climatic change Scientists attribute a huge percentage of the gas accumulation to the human activities using fossil fuels and whose operation leads to the release of significant amounts of carbon dioxide and other toxic gasses into the air. The rate of temperature rise since the industrial revolution shows a significant change of 38% due to the constant emission of toxic gasses from human activity (Lonnie, 153).

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