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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Serbia’s Decision to Fight in 1914 and the Role in Retribution War Serbia joined World War I that started in July 1914 when Austria-Hungary attacked the kingdom of Serbia just at the onset of the world war one. The Serbia army was severely destroyed losing over three hundred soldiers. At the time the war ended, Serbia lost over one million citizens both civilians and the soldiers (Fromkin 12). On 28 July 1914, just a few weeks after the killing of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife by a Serbian citizen in Sarajevo, Austria-Hungary announced war with Serbia, effectively causing the First World War. Austria-Hungary was threatened by Serbian ambition in the unrestrained Balkans region of…show more content…
On 28th July 1914, after a resolution was reached the day decisively before in reaction to pressure from Paris for quick action only Kaiser Wilhelm II, opposed the war and proposed a diplomatic way to solve the conflict peacefully. However, he outmaneuvered by the more governmental leadership and aggressive military of Germany. Austria-Hungary went ahead to declared war on Serbia ((Fromkin 17). Russia responded to these by formally ordering mobilization in four military districts that are in its common border with Austria-Hungary such as Galicia. On that night, Austrian arms divisions commenced a brief, unsuccessful assault of Belgrade over the River Danube. “My darling one and beautiful, everything tends towards catastrophe and collapse,” This is the letter that British naval officer Winston Churchill wrote to his wife a night of the war. He was confirmed right over the next several days. After his demand to Russia to halt its mobilization exercise on August 1 the same year had been met with defiance, Germany attacked Russia. France, one of the Russia’s ally, ordered its military generals to mobilize their men that same day and after two days, Germany and France declared war on each other. The German’s soldiers planned an assault on neutral Belgium on August 4. This forced Britain to declare war on Germany. Consequently, in the summer

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