Students And Their Technology Usage

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Students and Their Technology Usage in the Classroom In the school system today, technology is one of the most powerful ways to get students to learn. Technology has helped keep students engaged and focused, while still keeping them entertained when learning. It has also given instant access to information that at one time was not easy to retrieve unless they went to the library. It has provided students and teachers with unlimited amounts of of information at their fingertips, enabling students to come up with new and exciting ideas for projects. Without this being said, it is the greatest gift to teachers and their students, within all age groups. showing educators it has had a positive impact on students ' independent research skills. Even though the information is endless with technology, there are still many cons with it’s uses amongst students in the school system(Porter, Alfanzo1). Studies have shown that students are improving in their research studies but educators have found that students lack in their critical thinking skills. Many educators fear that the quality of the resources students are using are not all valid. Students along with many other people seem to think if it’s written by a good source it is true. This may not always be correct and many articles on internet are not always valid. This can provide false information while doing a research project. (NaughtonJohn1) Teachers now need to try and embrace the wealth of information found on the
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