Students’ Approaches To Learning Are Directly Correlative

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Students’ approaches to learning are directly correlative to their prior experiences of studying and understanding the key concepts of the subject matter, which is vital to the subsequent approaches to studying and learning outcomes.

For sustainable development what is required is an investment in the research related to teaching and pedagogy to best prepare and qualify the students who are to build our communities and who will soon embark on professional careers in architecture. We should study, therefore, the learning methods and styles of each student.

Currently there are intense ongoing debates about the importance of using learning style models and theories in post-secondary educational circles and the utilization of these models.
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Without the dependence on the faculty, this marks the starting point of his/her personal career. To achieve the foregoing, more contact hours are required and deep understanding of their thinking, ambitions and goals for each separate curriculum. This will create self-motivated individuals who will be inspired to construct their best work and optimal achievement.

To effect this, what is needed is an awareness of the psychological factors of the students. This can be achieved through an open discussion with the students, especially in challenging times. Learning disabilities must also be factored in. Individual differences of the students should also be considered in group learning sessions and general lectures. Individual supports should be put in place to support students and assist in avoidance of negative results, which could lead to discouragement. All of the above strategies would raise the level of student. This can be achieved through effective communication, studying individual personalities, and conducting ongoing individual conferencing with the students. This will lead to a general picture about the student and how best to deal with each student, as per their personalities. Assigning groups by learning style would help achieve the best learning performance and fulfill the ideal outcome of the entire learning process.


This study was conducted on the sophomore students, second

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