Students At Clearview Middle School

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A majority of the students in Middle Tennessee Public Schools come from a low- income family household. The school in which I work, Clearview Middle School is not only low- income, but is also a “priority” school. Priority schools are in the bottom five percent in being in the category of lowest- performing in the school district. The population of students at Clearview Middle School are majority African- American, but the cultures among the school are rich and diverse. Many students at Clearview Middle School have high potential of achieving great academic success, but fall short due consistent classroom disruptions throughout the day. Although a majority of the students in the school do not display inappropriate classroom behaviors, there are a handful of students that do; which can cause a disruption to the whole class population. Outside of classroom disruptions, students sometimes come to school with a lack of motivation to learn. They seem disengaged in the curriculum, lack skills to try/ complete work, and/ or keep to themselves; shutting themselves out from the rest of the class. In general, there is a slew of different reasons to why these behaviors and lack of motivation continue to happen at Clearview daily. This researcher believes that a majority of these dilemmas occur due to the absence of positive behaviors displayed at home. Students have an insufficient amount of social skills and are unaware of self- awareness and self- control. I have chosen to…
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