Students At Clearview Middle School

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A majority of the students in Middle Tennessee Public Schools come from a low- income family household. The school in which I work, Clearview Middle School is not only low- income, but is also a “priority” school. Priority schools are in the bottom five percent in being in the category of lowest- performing in the school district. The population of students at Clearview Middle School are majority African- American, but the cultures among the school are rich and diverse. Many students at Clearview Middle School have high potential of achieving great academic success, but fall short due consistent classroom disruptions throughout the day. Although a majority of the students in the school do not display inappropriate classroom behaviors,…show more content…
A handful of my students were either emotionally disturbed or had experienced traumatic experiences outside of the classroom, typically in the communities they live in. For example, I had a student named “Brandon” who experienced daily issues with misbehaviors and defiance in the classrooms in which he entered. This student had been classified as emotionally disturbed before entering Clearview Middle. Brandon had issues with obtaining safe relationships with peers and staff, refusing to follow basic safety procedures, and defiance with authority on multiple occasions. As a part of his safety plan, Brandon was to come to my classroom to “reset” when these types of behaviors occurred. Brandon and I had a relationship where he knew my expectations when he entered my classroom and we had a trusting relationship. I had built this relationship with Brandon based upon implementing morning “check- ins” with him in a social and emotional learning aspect. I would make sure he was feeling okay before entering his classes and seeing what I could do to fix any problems that had happened that morning or could arise as the day goes on. Soon later this student was expelled due to continuous defiance and interfering with the safety with himself and with other students. I believe this could have been avoided if Brandon had received social and emotional learning experiences with other
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