Students At Her School Teachers

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Ms. Peck the 3rd grade teacher that I interviewed mentioned to me that at her school the teachers are taught to teach appropriate behavior to their students. They are also supposed to model and practice appropriate behavior to show the students what they expect from the students. Ms. Peck mentioned to me that they are also taught to catch students exhibiting the appropriate behavior and to praise the students upon it. By praising the students on the appropriate behavior it shows students what they are supposed to be doing. When asked Ms. Peck about the forms and locations in which the expectations are posted on the school grounds and in the classroom, she explained to me that they are many signs around the school that helps the students inforce what the expectations are. She stated that in the hallways you can find signs that encourage students to be positive and productive with one another. Also in her class she has a contract on the wall where it informs the students to promise to do their best and show respect and they all had to sign it in the beginning of the year. When students do not follow the contract she tends to remind them they are breaking a rule from the class. I honestly think that schools should have signs around the school that reminds the students on what is expected from them. This helps the students stay on track. Also it is very important for the teacher to have expectations for the class visible for the students to see. By having it visible students
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