Students At The University Limits

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Universities have thousands of students, so it is surprising to notice how individuals typically do not connect with more than a handful of people. Most people limit themselves to a group of friends with similar interests or a similar field of study. This comfort zone which students prefer to stay in throughout their stay in university limits the students and results in negative outcomes. Students reduce themselves to knowing a few people and lessen their range of connections and knowledge. This results in a student who may not be well-rounded and has an insufficient amount of network of acquaintances to aid them in future projects. The issue at hand revolves around the fact that people naturally prefer to self segregate themselves into small cliques with similar interests rather than broadening their friend base. College is a place to grow in both an intellectual and psychological way, and if students exclude themselves from making new connections they are interrupting the growing process. This then results in a graduate with few connections and who is not well rounded and unprepared for the real world. If the issue is remedied it will result in students who are more knowledgeable and are better with connecting with other individuals. As a result, when a student graduates college they will not only leave with a mind filled with knowledge but also with a social circle filled with connections and a life of opportunities. Discussion of the Issue There is a social event
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