Students At Younger Ages Have A Keen Interest

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Students at younger ages have a keen interest in reading a writing. I want to help these interests by encouraging reading outside of school. Their skills will continue to improve and the students will be confident in this skill from working on it so much. Reading can also help the children extend their vocabulary and help spell words from remembering them in their books. I can push these interests more by having students read aloud and incorporating reading and writing into my lesson plans. As a teacher, it is important to keep in mind the several different races and cultures that will go through your classroom. I would first brush up on my races and cultures so I know what type of holidays they celebrate, beliefs, and other ways they live life. In my classroom, I will be mindful by not only have posters, toy people, and dolls that are only one race. If a student in my class has an upcoming holiday they are about to celebrate, I would talk about it with my class. I would let other students who do not already know, know what the holiday is and why it is being celebrated. I need to know, as a teacher, how different races and cultures are because maybe a student is acting a certain way because that is how they were raised. Socioeconomic status comes into play with races, cultures, and how children are raised, as well. If a student comes from a foster home, they might be more to themselves and not want to partake in certain class activities. To help this student out, it would…
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