Students ' Attitudes Towards The Teaching English Language Essay

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Abstract: The paper in hand, as the title indicates, is a study conducted for the sake of investigating BA students’ attitudes towards the teaching of English as FL alongside the home-culture, taking Islamic English vernacular as a case of study. To achieve the purpose of the study, a questionnaire was distributed to 1500 BA students in different universities all over different territories within Algeria. Basing on the results, students reveal positive attitudes towards the insertion of the Islamic English vernacular as a home-culture in EFL teaching. This may oppose the fore-known idea of teaching English through target culture. The results urge the program designers to implement the Islamic English vernacular, as home-culture, in the EFL learning process. Keywords: attitudes, EFL, home-culture, Islamic English vernacular. Introduction: Humans are able to decipher and relate the world through only one medium, culture. Through culture, people choose what to say and what not to say, when, and how to say it, according to their socio-cultural norms. A language is an aspect of a culture and a culture is an aspect of a language; both are so intimately interwoven that they cannot be separated without losing their significance. In this regard, the Sapir/Whorf hypothesis assumes a relationship between language and culture. Furthermore, in teaching English as a foreign language, there are two opposing stances concerning what culture to teach, local or target, alongside English
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