Students Challenges Research Paper

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Students face a lot of challenges during the year, whether it it in or out of the school. Some challenges can be at home. But some challenges may be at the school. You could have a challenge with yourself, another student, or a teacher. There is a big challenge that kids have in school and that is, work that they do not understand. A big challenge is school. One reason homework is a challenge because some teachers go overboard and give to much. If we had a paper for a class every now and then it would be fine, but most teachers give a paper every day. Some students do not understand the lesson and would need help. Teachers sometimes do not teach a listen good so then a student may not understand how a problem is. We could fix this problem by teachers doing more fun activities. Also, we are at school for eight hours. In eight hours you have spent at the school, you should be able to get enough work done. We are at school five out of seven days a week. Schools start to early and end later than they should. For eight hours we have to listen to rules, that do not make sense. The point is we are in school for eight hours, for five days a week! A way they could fix this is, starting school at nine and ending it at two-thirty.…show more content…
The lunch is not the best. You can not sit with who you want to at lunch. You have to be told when to get in line. Teachers say you can not talk during class because that is what lunch is for, but they put us on silent lunch sometimes. Some classes have to sit with the seventh graders at first lunch, while they told some seventh grade classes to sit with the eighth graders at second lunch. A way to fix this problem is to put all the seventh graders at first lunch, and all of the eighth graders in second. The teachers to let you sit wherever, and to be able to talk without getting in trouble. A big challenge is
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