Students Come From Different Social And Cultural Backgrounds

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Students come from different social and cultural backgrounds. Australia is a diverse, multicultural country with 44% of Australians born overseas or have one parent born overseas, Lawrence, Brooker, & Goodnow, (2012, p. 75). In a diverse population students bring to class their “virtual schoolbags,” (Thomson, 2002), full of different cultures, languages, religious practices, value systems and customs which may alienate them from the dominant culture. Educators must create educational environments, which cater for all microcultural groups to experience educational equality, (Banks, 2006, p. 78); otherwise the learning spaces will become hot spots for issues of diversity and difference. The Australian Curriculum recognises quality education for all students and acknowledges that students’ needs and interests vary, and that schools and teachers will plan from the curriculum in ways that respond to those needs and interests, (Australian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (ACARA), (2013). Therefore, educators have a greater responsibility to appreciate diversity and difference by examining their attitudes and beliefs and confront the biases, which influenced their value systems as it helps them to appreciate children’s perspectives that are different from their own. This will increase students’ success as educators apply strategies and pedagogy that welcomes and supports all students irrespective of their culture, ethnicity or race, gender, ability or their socio-economic
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