Students Deserve A College Tuition Essay

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Think about this: a straight F student with a family that has a sufficient amount of money. This student gets to go to the best college that their family’s money can buy, which will probably go to waste on partying. Now compare that to a straight A student, living in a too-small temporary place, and no way to pay the bills. This student is everything a college could dream of having, and they actually care about their education. Sadly enough, though, they will never go because how can someone possibly go to college when their family cannot even pay the bills? Considering this scenario, should students in temporary living situations with 3.0 GPAs or higher earn free college tuition? I believe that students in these situations with a 3.0 GPA…show more content…
The qualifications that colleges will be rated on include tuition, graduation rates, debt/earnings of graduates, and percentage of lower-income students attending. If this wins approval in Congress, students with a 3.0 GPA or higher in a temporary living situation will have the opportunity for their financial aid to be based on some of these qualifications. My opinion is that the more people that support this kind of financial aid for these types of students, the higher the likelihood of it to become a reality. President Obama urges many colleges to experiment in reducing the costs included. His plan mentions degrees that are not based on credits, but on how much they show that they know.2 Therefore, if these students cannot pay for the credits, it will not be an issue because with their 3.0 GPA they can prove that they know enough to deserve the degree. They can demonstrate what they know by taking a test to prove that they have gained enough knowledge to earn the degree without the credits. Also, by showing that they have an above-average grade point average proves that they do not need the credit hours to earn their degree because their grades are still high. Another approach mentioned in the proposal in August is “massive open online courses,” or MOOCs, which are mostly free. Obama urges dual enrollment classes in high schools, as well, to start earning credits for college. These dual enrollment classes are important because they provide

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