Students Expect High Grades Essays

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Like any student, college students always want the easiest way out and still attain a good grade. That was basically my experience in high school. Teachers just gave credit to assignments that seemed like the students put a lot of effort into it. I actually gave advice to underclassmen by encouraging them to do the work regardless if it is right. I would also receive credit for things that had nothing to do with materials learning in class. If I had a graduation speech I would really thank tissue boxes for increasing my grade and passing. In high school, I would slack off all the time and procrastinated everything. Teachers seemed like they did not care and did not encourage me to stop those bad habits. Unfortunately, today I still …show more content…
Colleges are providing chances that not everyone in America can attain, but students still do not find it a reason to go through tedious essays, projects and studying. The author even calls the acts of college students as “not only self-destructive, but socially destructive” (Wiesenfel). Since today’s pupils are Americas future, we cannot just prestige them if they received a C- in math and science. These performances should not be acceptable because ones personal fail can lead to a bigger group fail. Overall, Weisenfel provides a good reasoning from these points. Going more in depth in Wiesenfels article, what really is the motivation for students wanting and begging for higher grades? When I was in high school one of my priorities was to just get out of there. High school students just want to go to college, and college students just want to head to grad school and get a steady career. To keep progressing onto the next academic level one must be able to have a passing grade which is a C. The minimum grade is all what California State Universities and other four year universities ask for. Also, one of the most helpful ways to pay for college is through scholarships. According to some scholarships many ask higher than a specific grade. Additionally several college students just “think” they deserve a higher grade. In the article “Students Expect High Grades“, it states that “students surveyed said
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