Students Face Risk Factors For The Academic Achievement

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Academic Resilience is a process which refers to students who face risk factors and succeeds academically where the achievement gap claims they should fail. These students face risk factors such as racism, violence, and low socio-economic status and still manage to excel academically. Resilience Theory addresses that people demonstrate to rise and succeed as long as the risk factors are alleviated. The four factors associated with resilience theory are “risk factors, protective factors, vulnerability areas, and compensatory strategies.” (Page 5) The purpose of the study is to “know something is an essential step toward being able to replicate and spread it” and “the second reason is the ongoing goal of increasing general understanding of the experiences of the students, and giving them a voice.” (Page 6) Also the purpose of the study is to promote the academic achievement in America and give hope to those who belong to an ethnic minority group and low socio-economic status so they could succeed in terms of education.

2. What are the primary risk factors the students faced?
The risk factors the students faced are they viewed themselves as “minorities” and “people of color” in which students have a disadvantage when it comes to competing academically.(Page 11) While describing their experiences they viewed their worlds different from white people since their race, ethnicity, and nationality is different. Another factor the students faced is that “half of the students spent
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