Students ' Freedom Of Speech

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Students’ freedom of speech does not exist in society today. Students do not have rights of freedom of speech because society places stipulations on what students can say and do. Freedom of speech includes words, dress code, and actions. In school and at home, students are encourage to stand up for what they believe in. Apparently standing up for what they believe in does not apply to freedom of speech. Students are future leaders, and freedom of speech is a part of that future. The United State Constitution guarantee all citizens living in the United States the right to freedom of speech. Therefore, students’ freedom of speech should be embraced and not condemned. Martinson (2000) states that “freedom of speech is a basic and intrinsic right of all Americans, including students” (p. 145). If freedom of speech is a basic right, why is it that the rights of students on free speech is often violated by society and school administrators? Instead accepting students’ speech for what it is, students are punished for speaking out. Although in most instances where administration feel the need to restrain student’s speech, what makes that decision absolute? Whenever there is a belief that student’s speech should be restrained by administrators, openness should always be embraced and the school administrators should bear the burden of proof to show justification (Martinson, 2000). School administrators should not always assume that a student’s freedom of speech is disruptive, but…
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