Students From Detroit Public Schools

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With the workforce becoming more competitive in today’s economy, the educational requirements have increased. By the year 2020, approximately 65% of all jobs in the United States will require a postsecondary education and/or further training proceeding high school education (“Recovery”). One thing that is not increasing is the rate of college enrollment of students from the Detroit Public Schools or college enrollment in general. There are many factors that contribute to this problem, just as there are also many solutions that may help assuage it. The main reason why students from Detroit Public Schools are not enrolling in postsecondary education institutions has to do with their financial situation. There has been many attempts to solving this problem, on all different types of levels. Local levels with committees and coalitions such as The Coalition for the Future of Detroit Schoolchildren have been striving towards a solution. For a strong coalition, there needs to be adequate human resources. This means the number of people involved and the power of the people involved (Graham, 181). The Coalition for the Future of Detroit Schoolchildren has regular citizens such as concerned parents, people on the school board, and also people with connections to higher powers. On the state level, there is Governor Rick Snyder putting more emphasis and promoting more blue collared jobs that only require skills training. Since this problem exists throughout the nation and crosses state
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