Students Grade Monitoring System

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Students Grade Monitoring System

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Information Flow

The flow of the information of the current system starts during the enrollment period. It started when the student get his pre-registration form at the (OSA) Office of Student Affairs. A pre-registration form is an early registration form to be filled up by the student, especially by college students, which is to be taken before the general registration or before receiving the final registration form that is given by the registrar
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Since the student will be undergone to the academic probation.

Academic probation, as the name implies, is a probationary condition. It means that a student is still eligible for enrollment in classes, but must take direct steps towards improvement. Students placed on academic probation may be required to attend special workshops on study habits or receive intensive counseling from an advisor. Some schools may offer an opportunity to retake classes and only record the higher grade for GPA purposes. Students on academic probation generally have a specific timeframe in which to demonstrate satisfactory progress. If their grade point averages remain below 3.0 or 75% which is the passing grade after this time has elapsed, the school may decide to place students on a more serious condition called 'academic suspension'. Suspended students may not be allowed to enroll in classes for at least one term, and their financial aid may also be affected. Students who believe they have made sufficient progress while under probation may have to face a specially-convened board before their good academic standing is restored.

Academic probation is not always a penalty; it can also be seen as a wake-up call. Maintaining a 3.0 GPA or higher may seem a routine to many students, but there are always extenuating circumstances which may temporarily affect someone's ability to perform well in
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