Students Of Accepting Personal Responsibility

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The author states, “When people keep doing what they have been doing even when it does not work they are being victims. When people change their beliefs and behaviors to create the best results they can, they are acting as a creator” (P32). Researchers Robert Vallerand and Robert Bissonetter state “the benefits to students of accepting personal responsibility has been demonstrated in various studies” (P33) With these studies they found that “significantly more of the creator-like students were still enrolled in college then the victim-like students. If you want to succeed in college and in life, then being a creator gives you a big edge”. (P33) Reflective Comments: When I keep doing things that don’t work for me like trying spike in volleyball then I can consider myself a victim because I keep doing something expecting a different outcome no matter how many times I do it the outcome is not going to change. But if I change the way I do things like instead of spiking the ball, I can set myself up for a down ball then I can consider myself a creator. I have changed my behaviors and beliefs to create the best result for my team. So instead of losing a point because I messed up a spike I can gain a point for my team by doing a down ball. Learning Concept 2: The Curse of Stinkin’ thinkin” The author stats that Stinkin’ thinkin’ as defined by psychologist Albert Ellis “when we feel awful even when the circumstances don’t warrant it” (P56). Ellis states Stinkin thinkin is not
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