Students ' Perceptions Of Social Work

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Research Article Critique Michael Bolden SOW 370 11 A Type of research design? This article critique was formulation from Dennison, S. T., Poole, J., & Qaqish, B. (2007) article “Students ' Perceptions of Social Work: Implications for Strengthening the Image of Social Work among College Students”. The survey combined both qualitative and quantitative design. The first portion of the study related how much knowledge students had of social workers. It also noted the perception their friends, family members and other aquatints had on their perception of social work. This knowledge was used to dispel the negative association of social work professionals and clarify their duties. Then the study talked about the pay scale and an individual’s willingness to become a social worker. This study began with in-depth, open-ended qualitative interviews to gain an understanding of the negative views of social workers (p 5). After collecting and analyzing the data using qualitative data analysis techniques, quantitative methods could be used to examine how many respondents felt about becoming a social worker. What is the purpose of this study? This study was used to improve the public perception and provide a better understanding of the social work profession (p 5). It used the perceptions and attitudes of college students to identify their understanding of the social work profession (p 5). What is the research question?
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