Students Receive Special Education Services

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The classroom that I observe where students receive Special Education services was Mrs. Robistows classroom. She has ten students in her class and six of those students receive special educations services, and five of the ten students are English Language Learners. These students come to her room for these different services. Since I have already done an interview with Mrs. Robistow, I interviewed the RTI coordinator, Mrs. Chupich. She teaches kindergarten through third grade. Mrs. Chupich has been teaching for eighteen years. When I arrived to observe Mrs. Robistow’s class, the class was doing a group activity called News to You. The class does this activity on Monday and reviews the activity on Friday. So the basically do the activity twice a week. This activity involves short stories about movies and books. Each student took a turn holding the pointer and pointing to the words on the screen in front of the room. Together the class read the sentences out loud while following along on their own paper. While the students took turns handing off the pointer Mrs. Robistow encouraged the students to use their words by saying thank you and you’re welcome. This activity involved the students to work on reading comprehension and fluency. During this activity one student was sitting with his specialist and she was helping him follow along on his paper. Once the class finished the group activity the student separated into groups. Six students worked with Mrs. Robistow on math
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