Students Should Have No Homework Research

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Have you hated having homework?, wouldn’t you rather do something fun instead of staying up late doing homework?(Rhetorical Question) There should be little to no homework because it interferes with after school activities, some students do not have the time to do it (or will not do it anyway) and it is more work the teacher has to grade.

Speaking as a student, it is because we have lots homework that students like you and me end up staying up late to get it done.(Ethos) From the teachers perspective it is just one assignment (sometimes more than just one) but to the students if every teacher gives at least one assignment that adds to your homework load. “A survey done through the University of Michigan found that by the 2002-'03 school
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For example, chores. They get in the way especially if your parents make you do a lot. There is also distractions like older, younger brothers or sisters that you have to babysit or they just keep distracting you.

Believe it or not there is also work on the teachers side. Think about it, if a teacher assigns homework to the class and assume this class has thirty students and assume that everyone did their homework that night. Thats thirty assignments the teacher has to grade and enter in the gradebook. I am sure they want to do fun things too, instead of sitting at a desk and computer grading mountains of papers. (Hyperbole)

Homework is an overgrown jungle that needs to be cut down to a manageable size.(Metaphor) So I recommend that we should have little to no homework because of students having to stay up late doing it, it interferes with after school activities, family time, some students do not have the time to do it and lets face it, it is just more work the teachers have to grade, so it is a lose-lose situation. In the future I hope that one day students can have little to no homework so we can do activities we enjoy doing and get a good nights rest (assuming you go to bed at a decent
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