Students Should Understand The Educational Expectations And Behavioral Expectations Within A Classroom

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Grading for learning is not only a shift in mindset but also a change in how teachers have teach and grade. This educational shift is not being done without reason. The student we have in front of us should be evaluated fairly and that score should be transparent. Students should understand the educational expectations and behavioral expectations within a classroom. These two should not mix. This change allows for a more accurate measure of a student 's understanding of the content that is expected of them. With this in place, any area where the student might have gaps, of missing connections can easily be focused on and a direct route to get them there can be created. Evaluating students against predetermined standards is a
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I can proudly say that is not how I feel any more. I have throughout this course made many modifications to my teaching that reflect the standards based mindset.
One the the first changes I made was changing the impact homework can make on a grade. In my classroom I want students to view homework as practice. A place where it is okay to make mistakes, learn from them and then grow in their knowledge. This change also lead to an evaluation of the type of homework that is given. The work expected of the students to complete as practice is much more closely linked to the standards the students will be assessed on. This leads me to my favorite thing about standards based grading: the standards.
Right now, as a district wide science department we are in the process of adopting new standards. I was fortunate enough to work on the team that was in charge of creating these standards to fit the needs of our students. This work allowed me to direct my current teaching. I have refocus my courses to align to these new standards. A large part of what that has done is cleared out the clutter of past years. It has focused the course and given better guidelines as to what should the students really get out of the course. I use the standards with my colleagues to create student learning objectives/outcomes, written in student-friendly language, to give the students a clear picture of what is expected of them for that particular segment of the
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