Students Taking Control Of Their Learning Essay

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Rationale: Students taking control of their learning is a necessity in education. Through the evolution of education, research and data has shown that not only do students learn the material faster while engaged, but they also retain the new learned knowledge. Mathematics is a crucial and core subject where the content is covered in sequential stepping stones; each skill is needed in order to learn the next. Therefore, math needs to be taught in an effective and purposeful manner while also covering multiple instruction models. Math games have been proven to be effective, engaging, and produce useful results. Through research, it was confirmed and encouraged to use math games, either in the physical classroom or through technology such as online games. Of course, these math games need a specific target to meet individual student needs and not be just for “fun” or focus around already mastered content. Math games can also help with differentiated learners. With math games, there can be a focus centered on individuals or a small group of students. Math games are not intended to teach the material or core ideas, but to reiterate and provide extra practice for students to create a deeper understanding of a particular concept. Math games can also improve time management. When downtime occurs within a classroom, teachers can have students quickly pull up a game online or set one up in the physical classroom to utilize the extra time making it productive by allowing an additional
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