Students Today Leaders Forever: Making a Difference

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Students Today Leaders Forever is a student-led organization committed to making a difference. Our mission is to reveal leadership through service, relationships and action. We do this through our Pay It Forward Tours - community service road trips where students travel by bus to serve the country, and experience leadership. STLF was founded by college students, and is successful because of college students continuing to dedicate themselves to the cause. This organization is driven by volunteers, with these Pay It Forward Tours completely coordinated and funded by the efforts of students. The trip costs students a total of 450 dollars. That includes tansportation, two meals a day, housing, and two nights in a hotel. STLF also offers financial aid to anyone that applies for it. My career in STLF started one year ago on March 9th 2013. It was my first pay it forward tour, and after it was over I knew it would not be my last. After seeing how much positive impact the bus leaders had on people I decided to apply to be one myself. Finally, after two rounds of interviews with the chapter’s executive members, I got the call and was told I would be a bus leader for the following year. Fast forward to the next school year. In September I met the other members of my bus core. We spent the majority of first semester getting to know each other on a personal level. We attended two team-building workshops in the fall and one in the spring to tighten our relationship. Shortly after that,
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