Students Wearing Uniforms, or Not?

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Should Students wear uniforms, My thought yes they should wear uniforms, Because it help your parents save money a lot money on a regular clothes kids these days are very expensive. When wearing uniforms you only need a couple pair of pants and shirts then you will be straight. Uniforms are cheaper and it saves a lot of money for you and your parents. When getting uniforms you don’t have to buy that much stuff because uniforms aren’t expensive. Uniforms help the poor kids out a lot if you just think about. Some people didn’t come up like everybody else. Some people got it made when it come to getting regular clothes and stuff. Children are very picky about what they want now days and like to go all out the way. If children wear uniforms they will fit right in with everybody else. They won’t be in any competition about who got about who got the fresher clothes on. Uniforms help kids that are poor and can’t afford expensive clothes. Uniforms make you look educated and dedicated if you dress like you supposed to when you put them on. Peoples will appreciate you and notice you. It will stop all the bullying because of what other peoples are wearing. Some people’s parents probably don’t have the money to buy their kids nice clothes. It takes a lot of pressure off a person if everybody dresses the same. If students weren’t wearing uniforms peoples will be going out the way with the regular clothes. Females would be wearing really small shorts. The guys pants will be sagging real
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