Students Who Wear Uniforms Benefit More Essay

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Students Who Wear Uniforms Benefit More
Than Students at Schools without Such Codes School uniforms are used in many schools to provide an atmosphere of uniformity among the students. Wearing school uniforms also makes the atmosphere more businesslike by giving a better approach to learning. The uniforms give fewer distractions, and save a lot of money for parents. Wearing uniforms provides equality among students by “eliminating class distinctions and placing the poor on equal footing with the rich” (Bodine 3). There is less teasing and students are apt to be more acceptable of fellow classmates. When students are less distracted by unimportant issues they are more focused in the classroom. Some parents argue that
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There was no guessing on what to wear or stressing over it if it is fashionable or not. Some parents argue that uniforms are more expensive than regular street clothes and there is a burden when it comes to purchasing uniforms. They also make a case that the uniforms have to be dry cleaned. However, “grants of assistance have been available from federal or state agencies and from private sources, and graduates typically donate their uniforms to the school” (Daugherty 390). When I wore uniforms I had two skirts, five blouses, one blazer and this lasted me fours years of high school and I would only have to dry clean my uniforms once a week. My friends that graduated before me they would give me their old uniforms or give them back to the school. It was easy for any student to get a uniform cheaply. I have also been to school that did not require uniforms. I observed the immaturity of youths when it comes to clothing. I have also witnessed how students will push how far they can go with a certain dress code. Sometimes I would see girls removed from class for too revealing clothes or boys that look like they just woke up and still wearing pajama pants. I felt no sense of pride or unity in that type of school system. The ugliness of teasing for those not as fortunate was so displeasing as well. It was a breath of fresh air to go to a school where none of that mattered. I do believe that those who do oppose uniforms have never worn them. I
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