Students With A Speech Disability

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In the school that I observe at, there are many students that have special needs. By asking the teacher, I discovered that there were five students with a speech disability, one student with a physical (occupational) disability, and a student with Asperger’s. Through additional discussions with the teacher, I have found each student has similar adaptations and accommodations throughout the week. For example, each student that has a speech disability is taken out of the general education classroom either once or twice a week (depending on the severity) for thirty minutes to work with a speech therapist. Similarly, the student that has a physical disability is taken out of the classroom once a week for thirty minutes to work with an occupational therapist. Even though the teacher, and the school, emphasizes full inclusion, there are some slight adaptations and accommodations that the teacher provides for the student’s with disabilities. For example, the teacher creates an environment in which all students can speak openly throughout the day without being ridiculed. The teacher also provides discrimination activities such as reading with a partner to help the student’s with a speech disability listen and match words of other students. This helps the student’s with a communication disability to be more confident with their speech (mostly when they are reading out loud.) The teacher also provides adaptations and accommodations for the student that has a physical
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