Students With An Intellectual Disability

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Student A is a 7th grade student with an intellectual disability. This student receives small group instruction in math, reading, writing, and social skills. He is included in the general education population for science and specials classes. This student has IEP goals and objectives in math, reading, writing, and behavior in his IEP. This error pattern analysis will focus on his math computation abilities.
Student A’s is currently being progress monitored on the third grade level for math computation. He is monitored using a variety of assessments. The two most frequent assessments are AIMS Web Computation assessments and Moby Max math fluency. This error analysis will focus on his progress and scores using the Moby Max math fluency program. This is a computer-based program that the student uses daily. He was administered a placement test when he first began using the program that placed him in the appropriate lessons. The student works on his math fluency on Moby Max a minimum of twice a week. The other days of the week he is working on math problem solving on Moby Max.
Student A is currently demonstrating 100% mastery of his addition facts at his current level. The student is only currently being assessed on his addition fact fluency through ten. Please see the chart below for the student’s progress.
The student is also monitored on his subtraction fluency on a weekly basis. He demonstrates 100% proficiency on his subtract facts for zero through seven. Once he gets to
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