Students With Behavioral Problems With Students

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During the first week of placement I was given an opportunity to observe each class. I saw many students who needed additional support, especially those with behavioural problems. One day I was assigned to a student who was going through a rough day and was experiencing anger issues. When I got to the classroom I saw the student making a huge mess by throwing things across the room and trying to push students off their chairs while I was trying to stop him to calm him down. This particular student was putting the whole class at risk for injuries. Another day I was told by my preceptor to help a different student who was experiencing difficulties in his work. I came into the classroom and saw that the student was not in his seat. I decided to look for him and saw that he was hiding, feeling heated, and avoiding everyone that was around him. I heard negative thoughts from students with behavioural problems about not wanting to do work and most of the time refusing to try. Students with behavioural issues often screamed at their teachers and myself when they are instructed to do work or told to stop playing around. In these types of situations I am involved, the principal, teacher, students, and student needs assistance are also involved. Whenever I am assigned to work with students that are experiencing difficulties, I observed negative communication and attitudes from them. Most of the time these students refused to do to work or participate in activities even though they are
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