Students With Disabilities Of Physical Education

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Students with Disabilities in Physical Education Megan R. Johnson Lincoln Memorial University Students with Disabilities in Physical Education More and more students with disabilities are being taught in the public school system today than in the past ten or so years. This gives the students the opportunity to learn and prosper in their least restrictive environment along with their peers. Many educators, as well as those in physical education, are learning how to implement and incorporate activities that will be appropriate for students with disabilities and those without. While finding ways to include these individuals in all aspects of physical education, researchers have found common ground on what factors can contribute to successful inclusion. Teaching students with disabilities in their least restrictive environment is required by the law called Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, otherwise known as IDEA. Placing students with disabilities into a separate adapted physical education program should happen only when the students are clearly not successful in the general physical education classroom (Block, 2007). Students who have more severe disabilities may not participate in general physical education mainly because IEP personnel do not believe that the students will prosper in the environment; although, physical education was the only curricular area identified within the definition of special education (Webb, 2011). Research has shown that
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