Students With Intellectual Disorders Essay

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Students with Intellectual Disorders “I think Isaac is autistic.” The moment my best friend uttered those words I dismissed them. Our sons were only one week apart, and she had always been obsessed with comparing them, almost to the point of pitting them toward competition. Who had their first tooth, said their first word, took their first step. Scores were kept in an official tally in her mind, with my son, Marshall, always two steps ahead- much to her chagrin. I had always been fascinated by child development, and specifically the infant through toddler ages, so having my first baby meant I finally got to test out all of the things I had learned and researched. Tummy time was a frequent occurrence, with other body stretches and exercises to build muscle, if I wasn’t talking to him I was reading to him. There was no TV, no tablets, no cell phones. I attributed the majority of his advancements to my carefully researched parenting tactics, and her son’s shortcomings to her more lax parenting. There was no way her son could be autistic, she simply needed to read to him more, even after he was diagnosed I still felt she should get another opinion. Then it happened. They had recently moved out of state and her sister had flown Isaac back in town for a visit. I arranged for him to stay the night for Marshall’s birthday as a surprise. They were best friends after all. They’d simply play upstairs while I arranged Marshall’s party, it would actually be easier with him here I
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