Students With Learning Disabilities : A Curriculum Based On Individual Needs

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Inclusion is defined as a learning environment containing both students with and without disabilities working collaboratively. Students with learning disabilities may be fully integrated into the general education setting or may follow a pull out or push in model for one subject, such as reading. Although there is considerable debate about where students with disabilities should be educated, schools must abide by the concept of the least restrictive environment. As schools continue to raise academic standards, students are expected to meet them by mastering specific content skills; one example would be reading passages and answering comprehension questions. This begs the questions shouldn’t students with disabilities be given the chance…show more content…
Although, I have not had the opportunity to work in an inclusion classroom, it is clear that these components are fundamentals for student success. Student success is correlated with more than academic achievement, but in noncognitive factors such as motivation and social systems. Schools following an inclusion model provides students with a community that fosters collaborations and teamwork. In addition, inclusive education has been shown to help students without disabilities become more tolerant of student differences. Overall, I would encourage others to follow an inclusive model which is centered on differentiated instruction and social interaction. One concept that is synonymous with is inclusion is the idea of the least restrictive environment. As stated in Creating Inclusive Classrooms “The participation of students with disabilities in all parts of the school program, including nonacademic and extracurricular activities is another important aspect of the LRE” (Salend, 2016, pp.8) In order to meet the vast needs of students, schools use a variety of placements. Students with disabilities may be taught in the general education setting with teacher’s assistants, specialists and resource room assistants. In addition, students may be educated in hospitals, specialized schools and
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