Students With Severe And Multiple Disabilities

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Students with Severe and Multiple Disabilities According to Instruction of Students with Severe Disabilities (1993) by Martha Snell and Fredda Brown, there is no single definition of severe disabilities. The 2004 Individuals with Disabilities in Education Improvement Act, or IDEIA does not include a category for severe disabilities (Ryndak and Taub, 2014). Nevertheless, throughout professional research, the term severe disabilities is used liberally. Therefore, researchers must establish their interpretation and definition of severe disabilities, to effectively eliminate reader misunderstanding. While severe disabilities are not specifically defined in federal legislation, according to IDEIA, a student is said to have multiple disabilities if he or she has many combined exceptionalities that will cause the child to require accommodations in multiple areas (Ryndak and Taub, 2014). One existing definition of severe disabilities was created by an organization formally referred to as The Association for Persons with Severe Handicaps, or TASH. This organization voted in 1995 to cease use of its full name and solely use its acronym in order to mirror the updated values of the organization. The authors of one recent research article, chose adhere to TASH’s definition of severe disabilities (Hanline and Correa-Torres, 2012). According to this article, the TASH definition refers to individuals who require continual extensive support in order to be able to complete everyday
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