Students With Speech Impaired Students

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SPED 400 Personal Philosophy Paper Students I Desire to Teach I intend to work with students who are speech-impaired. Working with speech-impaired students would fulfill one of my lifetime goals. Specifically, I desire to teach elementary students who are hard of hearing or deaf that desire to have verbal skills. This desire has come from the love of learning new languages as a child. But, the deaf culture and American sign language have always fascinated me and seeing the world from their perspective, I want to help them be able to guide them through the struggle and aid them the ability to communicate, not just with their community but others around the world. Instructional Strategies The first technique that I would like to apply to my classroom as an instructional strategy is the use of music therapy. The use of music therapy has increased over recent years, and with that, students with special needs have been given the opportunity to take music courses. In good results, in reference to Sandiford’s, Mainess’, and Daher’s, study (2013), which compared the efficacy of Melodic Based Communication Therapy (MBCT) to traditional speech and language therapy for eliciting speech in nonverbal children with autism, the MBCT group progressed significantly in number of verbal attempts after weeks 1 through 4 and number of correct words after weeks 1 and 3, while the traditional group progressed significantly after weeks 4 and 5 (Sandiford, Mainess, & Daher, 2013). However, there
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